Pet Parent Policy

Pet Addendum or 806 Cozy Homes

Cozy Home _____ Date __________

Name of pet owner:

Name of pet:

Pet Type:





How long have you had your pet?

Date of last rabies shot:

Vet Contact information:

Is your pet housebroken?

Has your pet been Spayed or Neutered?

How many hours does your pet typically stay outside per day?

Has your pet caused any damage before?

Has your pet ever attacked anyone before?

How long is your pet alone during the day?

How often will you be away from your pet during the day or at night?

Who watches your pet when you are away overnight?

Your Pet Must Be Kenneled when you are away from your Short Term Rental.  

We do offer pet sitting!  Prices will range from $ 10 to 35 per visit per day. We will not allow the animal(s) to go without attention AFTER 8 hours of each day.  

_____ Initial

Pet Addendum Clause #1 – Conditional Authorization

Each pet will be considered separately and you reserve the right to refuse any pet.   Guest/Tenant must follow the rules outlined in the Pet Addendum or we may revoke this privilege or terminate the lease or stay at 806 Cozy Homes

CONDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION FOR PET. Landlord hereby authorizes Tenant to keep the following pet(s) on the Premises in accordance with this Addendum and Tenant agrees to abide by this Addendum. No other pets are allowed on the Premises without the prior consent of the Landlord. Any pet may be rejected by Management for any reason Management deems appropriate. The authorization may be terminated at any time if Residents’ right of occupancy is lawfully terminated or if the pet rules listed below are violated in any way by Residents or Residents’ guests or occupants.

Pet Addendum Clause #2 – Non-Refundable Pet Fee up to $250.00 each pet depending on the type of pet you have.

Pet Addendum Clause #3 – Additional Pet Rent MAY be added at any time during your stay.

Pet Addendum Clause #4 – No-Limit Liability

           Popular pet health insurance plans include:

NO LIMIT LIABILITY. The additional monthly rent and/or additional security deposit under this Pet Agreement is not a limit on Residents’ liability for property damages, cleaning, deodorization, de fleeing, replacements and/or personal injuries as set forth in this agreement.

Pet Addendum Clause #5 – Violation Fee

If a pet is found on the premise in violation of the provisions of the pet addendum the tenant/guest will be charged an additional 300.00 non-refundable fee 

Addendum Clause #6 – House Broken

My pets are housebroken and kenneled when I am away


Pet Addendum Clause #7 – Pet Restrictions

  • Max Weight – 60 pounds
  •  Animals & Breeds of any and all pets must be approved by the manager or owner.
  • History of aggressiveness to humans or other animals will not be allowed

_____ Initial

Pet Addendum Clause #9 – Special Provisions

Tenants should agree to adhere to rules for their pets.

General Rules should set up basic expectations for both your tenant and their pet.

  • Pets shouldn’t be a nuisance and disturb others Excessive Barking, whining, or smell.
  • Immediately clean up after pet waste
  • Keep pets away from prohibited areas:  chicken and or chicken coop, dog run, other cozy homes 
  • Keep pets well fed and watered
  • Supervise pets at all times when outdoors a leash is required at all times
  • Comply with local pet ordinances and tag requirements

SPECIFIC TYPES OF PETS. The following rules apply to specific types of pets:

DOGS. Dogs must be spayed or neutered. Veterinary proof may be required. No puppies (four (4) months or less) are allowed. No adult dog, fully grown, will exceed sixty (60) pounds. Up to two (2) dogs will be allowed as long as they do not exceed the eighty (80) pound weight limit.

Additional Rules – reserve the right to make reasonable changes if necessary

Pet Addendum Clause #10 – Removal of Pet

Sometimes it might be necessary to remove a pet from a tenant’s residence or it has become aggressive towards pets, or any person located on 2014 2016 114th Lubbock Texas 79423

Pet has become sick and needs treatment

_____ Initial

Pet Addendum Clause #11 – Liability for Damage and Costs

 Tenants/guest will be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of their pet. In addition to covering any damages, you should also include costs to clean, deodorize and de-flea or utilize an ozone machine at the property if necessary.

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