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Discover unparalleled comfort and convenience with Lubbock’s top-furnished team housing. Ideal for extended stays, our homes offer modern amenities, full kitchens, and high-speed WIFI. Perfect for teams and large groups.

Unmatched Furnished Housing for Teams in Lubbock

Dive into the charm of the past with our vibrant, themed decor, offering a nod to the 50s while boasting a spectrum of colors. This home comes fully furnished, featuring a kitchen with all the essentials for your culinary adventures, including appliances and cookware. Enjoy ample space in our four-bedroom, two-bathroom residence, perfect for your temporary stay. With easy access to the backyard, you can relax or entertain in your own private outdoor space. Plus, with your host conveniently on-site, any additional needs or requests can be promptly addressed. Discover affordability, convenience, and a splash of nostalgia, all wrapped up in one delightful package.

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interior kitchen
Step back in time with our vibrant 1950s-themed, furnished home in Lubbock, Texas. Offering a fully equipped kitchen, spacious four-bedroom layout, and easy backyard access, it’s the perfect blend of past and present for your temporary stay. With an on-site host ready to accommodate your needs, experience nostalgia and convenience in one delightful setting.

Why Choose Our Furnished Homes?

Experience the epitome of comfort and convenience with our furnished three or four-bedroom accommodations, redefining the concept of extended stays. Nestled within spacious layouts designed for relaxation and productivity, each residence offers unparalleled space and privacy. Unlike cramped hotel rooms or commercial extended stays, our properties provide the luxury of home living without sacrificing affordability. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, our meticulously curated spaces cater to your every need, offering a seamless blend of comfort and functionality. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional lodging and embrace a cost-effective solution that prioritizes your comfort and well-being.

Amenities Tailored for TeamsΒ 

Discover the ultimate temporary housing solution tailored for construction contractors with our furnished homes, offering unmatched amenities and space for team housing needs. Our residences redefine the standard for extended stays, featuring amenities that enhance comfort and productivity. Each home has Smart TVs in every room, ensuring entertainment at your fingertips. Enjoy peace of mind with customizable door locks upon request while large appliances cater to your everyday needs. Our spacious layouts include outdoor areas such as expansive backyards and barbecue grills, perfect for team gatherings and relaxation. Plus, we welcome your furry friends, making our homes genuinely accommodating. Luxuriate in our large bathrooms stocked with ample linens and towels, and take advantage of our spacious kitchens, where additional items can be added at no extra charge. Experience the incredible cost savings firsthand and elevate your team’s housing experience with us.

Flexible Stays for Every Team Size

Welcome to 806 Cozy Homes, where we prioritize flexibility and comfort for your temporary extended stays. Discover the convenience of our furnished 1 to 4-bedroom homes, designed to meet the needs of both small and large work teams. You have control throughout your accommodation with a minimum stay of 28 days and flexible move-out dates. Our onsite hospitality team, boasting eight years of experience, ensures top-notch service tailored to your preferences. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our latest Google review highlighting our commitment to shared housing. We’ve covered a lot, but call me for more information.

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Welcome to Your Extended Stay Home in Lubbock, Texas

Experience Comfort, Convenience, and Affordability

For travelers seeking an extended stay of 28 days or longer, discover the unique advantages of choosing a furnished large home over traditional hotel accommodations. Our spacious four-bedroom homes offer a cost-effective, comfortable, and convenient solution, especially for contractors and teams working in Lubbock, Texas.

Interior master bedroom
Explore Comfort & Convenience with Our Team Housing: Featuring a Spacious Four-Bedroom Cottage for Six, Complete with Modern Amenities, Cozy Interiors, and Serene Backyard. Perfect for Families & Employees
Spacious and Fully Furnished Home in Lubbock

Why Choose a Furnished Large Home?

Opting for a furnished large home, such as our Cozy Homes Lubbock rental, means enjoying a living space that feels like yours. With individual rooms equipped with smart TVs, complimentary WIFI, cozy bedding, and linens, our homes offer comfort and privacy that hotels cannot match. The cost per night in our furnished homes is significantly more affordable than hotel rooms, especially when accommodating groups.

Amenities Tailored to Your Needs

Our furnished four-bedroom house in Lubbock is designed with your needs in mind. Enjoy a well-equipped kitchen, two full bathrooms, a charming backyard with grill access, and ample parking at your doorstep. Each room boasts a smart TV and the entire house is covered with complimentary WIFI, ensuring entertainment and connectivity throughout your stay.


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