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Lubbock, Texas Furnished Homes 

 Inspired by our need for a simpler lifestyle, we created an entire community with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay in a furnished home. Whether working away from home or moving to Lubbock, our furnished homes are the perfect place to call your home one month at a time.

We know how important it is to find quality furnished housing without paying high daily rates at hotels and Airbnb.   Our mission is to provide a simple move-in process and a clean, cozy, furnished home while you are in Lubbock, TX.

For the needs of on-the-go professionals, we created a community that offers all the amenities you need in a home without the burden of maintaining it.  806 Cozy Homes furnished with unique short-term housing is a great option when traveling to Lubbock for 30 days or longer. 

Uncertain whether your pet will fit into your travel plans. Relax. We can handle that. Pets are welcome at 806 Cozy Homes. Management is here for you and your pet. Call Now Limited Cozy Homes

Why not try a Simpler lifestyle and community when traveling to Lubbock for work?

Relaxing amenities, comfortable stay, furnished home, working away from home, moving to Lubbock, quality housing. Dont pay high daily rates at hotels or Airbnb. 806 Cozy Homes have a simple move-in process, clean, cozy for on-the-go professionals, and burden-free furnished housing.  806 Cozy Homes, short-term housing, traveling to Lubbock, 30 days or longer, pet-friendly, management, limited availability call now for your future travel plans.




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