What would I do without a Short Term rental?

The traveling jitters! Everyone has them. Do you? Our business travelers have often never transferred out of their hometown, much less to another city like Lubbock, Texas. I have so many great funny happy stories of our travelers and many I will share.

Look at this blog to calm your nerves and experience what other businesses, medical travelers, and short-term rental professionals have to say about 806 Cozy Homes. Are you looking for a 30-day short term stay in Lubbock, Texas

Hospitality, Cozy Beds, Private Community, and Pet-friendly 806 Cozy Homes are perfect for traveling nurses, new business owners, corporate business trips, and Insurance claims. Our team is experienced with all business-related travel to Lubbock, Texas. Let us be a small part of your new adventure.

“Sacrifices, dreams, and a desire to live simply 806 Cozy Homes was born”

Dawn Parr 2017 Owner of Quote

Hi Everyone! My name is Dawn. My husband Bryan and daughter Tesla live on the property with the other themed short term rentals to give you the best possible living experience while in Lubbock, Texas!
We sold our large home with all the belongings and moved into a 600 sq ft western Cottagehttps://806cozyhomes.com/accommodations/ we built-in 2015. Our life-altering choices made sense to us because we wanted a simpler life. Our rewarding careers as medical administrators for over 30 years combined gave us so much joy. We retired soon after our move!
Living life in a more practical and more minor manner was our goal. With Hard work, dedication, and much budgeting, we made our dream beach househttps://806cozyhomes.com/beach-cottage/ come true. Short Term leases longer than 30 days shorter than 90 or a custom fit stay, and we decided to continue by upcycling our industrial warehouses into beautiful living spaces!
Our dream team of three live in our own Short Term designed the living space with a cozy feeling in mind. Your comfort matters the most! We will do everything possible and reasonably to make your stay unforgettable.

Looking back at the professionals who seek short term rentals or a temporary home, such as nurses, feels a little like traveling back in time as I write this blog. And a little like, um, just being committed to a project (one cozy home at a time)for nurses visiting or staying in Lubbock for contract work for a short time or extended time away from home, I felt an urge to make sure they were comfortable and that the stay was affordable.

Lubbock is Not a vacation spot, or is it?

I have traveling nurses and medical professionals who love exploring while working in Lubbock, Texas, and living at 806 Cozy Homes short term to mid term rental. We love ensuring your place is  with our 24/7 management. My favorite is when they book a quick trip to Mexico for a long weekend break from work. 

In Lubbock, Texas, you have a lot of options when it comes to short term stays. In a very short, sweet no, bullshit way, let’s get to the facts:

806 Cozy Homes is a small community with a laid back red carpet “corporate” feel and a big personality. Lots of competition with deep pockets keep our team striving to be the best short term rental in Lubbock, Texas.

I would say an increase in Short-Term Rental Fully Furnished Private Stays in Lubbock,Texas https://www.airbnb.com/a/stays/Lubbock make-shift quick money-making business has increased 100% in recent years here in Lubbock, Texas. I am sure you have heard of it. Well, you can get a closet or a bare room, from what one of my return registered nurses’ guests has indicated during her recent stay at a Lubbock Airbnb. She booked a two-week contract with a local heart hospital. , and because we only host 29 days or longer, she didn’t call us on this assignment. She called me the night she pulled into her Airbnb. Looking around, she noticed all electrical was unplugged, including wires from the TV. When asked why are these exposed to her host, the reply was not what she needed to hear!

Extend Stay Corporations blow their horn by way of big TV ads. It’s a known source all over the nation.
One crucial factor is ALL the additional charges. Such as dishes, towels, and cleaning tools to keep your living quarters close to others as clean as possible.

Extended Stays are not a desirable place to live for longer than a week or two. Why? It’s a constant turnaround of renters. If you have a month planned in Lubbock, Texas call today for availability 1-806-441-9795 https://806cozyhomes.com/

All Cozy Short Term homes have a feeling of their own. Inspirational short term living situations can be tedious. Be Different, Feel Different—time to experience more than just a room.