Mediterranean Industrial

No lease, short term 28 plus days , furnished, utilities paid, small community benefits, comfortable and affordable standalone country cottage to call home.

Short-Term Rentals in  Lubbock, Texas, are plentiful; however, our community is small, quiet, and cozy. Sleep is considered one of the toughest challenges while traveling, especially now with so many factors to rest or deep sleep is essential for your well-being. and your personal comfort is what makes us different than any Airbnb short-term rental, extended stay, or apartment complex with just status quo hospitality service.

Hospitality, cozy beds, private community, and pet-friendly 806 Cozy Homes perfect for the traveling nurses, new business owners, waiting for your forever home, moving to Lubbock, Texas we have the best spot in town.

The traveler has many travel considerations before finalizing the beginning of a new adventure, a new job, a new home, and million other reasons. Our short-term rental community is specifically for people just like you. 

806 Cozy Homes offers onsite 24/7 emergency service.