Western Cottage

No lease, short term, furnished, utilities paid, small community benefits, comfortable and affordable standalone western style cottage to call home.

The longer you stay, the less you pay!

The Western Cottage is a unique stand-alone cottage, a perfect temporary housing rental that will become home in one day.

This cool cozy one bedroom one bathroom with sit down designer shower is sure to please.  A comfortable queen bed with a twin loft bed with additional storage has many small cozy qualities when needing a furnished, bills paid, all-inclusive home.

100% stand alone with excellent insulation for privacy and comfort.

Small private backyard for friends, family, and pets.


Prices start at: $69 per night


Hello Travelers, 

 Please contact  Dawn Parr , 806 441 9795, or  806cozyhomes@gmail.com for reservations. Thank you for supporting our small business! We are only one stop of many in your life; we hope it’s a memorable one. 


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