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A studio apartment in Lubbock, Texas, fully furnished with all bills paid. It includes amenities such as a washer and dryer, a queen size bed, large appliances, and offers a very spacious and cozy living environment. The rental option is available on a month-to-month basis."

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Experience Our Studio Rental in Lubbock, Texas – Inclusive of All Utilities! Enjoy Amenities such as Washer, Dryer, Queen Size Bed, and More, Creating a Spacious and Cozy Living Environment. Opt for the Month-to-Month Rental Option for Added Flexibility

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Alt Text: Fully Equipped Studio Apartment in Lubbock, Texas, with Washer/Dryer, Queen-Sized Bed, Large Appliances, and Cozy Living Space. Monthly Rental Option.
Monthly Rental studio in Lubbock, Texas, All-Inclusive. It includes a washer and dryer, a queen-sized bed, large appliances, and a spacious and cozy living environment. The rental option is available on a month-to-month basis.
Fully Stocked Kitchen with all you need to move in with no worries and peace of mind.
Modern Kitchen with all Appliances

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Rentals in Lubbock, Texas. Here at our esteemed 806 Cozy Homes, we take pride in offering you an unparalleled living experience that surpasses the ordinary. Nestled in the new upcoming South of Lubbock, our fully furnished, all-inclusive homes redefine the concept of comfort, convenience, and coziness.

Imagine stepping into a thoughtfully designed studio rental, custom-built to cater to your traveling requirements. Our commitment to providing you with a homely environment extends beyond the basics. With amenities like a washer and dryer, a queen-size bed, and more, we ensure that your living space is functional and exudes an inviting aura that resonates with you.

Unlike traditional options, our furnished studio rental in Lubbock, Texas, includes all linens, cozy furniture, and exceptional cleanliness. No more juggling surprises – everything you need for a seamless living experience is covered. You can relax and focus on what truly matters.

Park In Front Of Your Doorstep

Explore 806 Cozy Homes' Fully Furnished Rentals in Lubbock, Texas – Your Ideal Housing Solution. Discover Your Perfect Home Today for Ultimate Comfort in a Fully Furnished Studio Retreat—convenient Parking at Your Doorstep. Our Commitment to Creating a Home-Like Environment Sets Us Apart. Our Cozy Living Spaces Deliver Comfort and Functionality. Whether You Seek a Short-Term Escape or a Long-Term Dwelling, Our Flexible Month-to-Month Rental Options Tailor Your Accommodation to Your Needs.”

We understand that your preferences and requirements may vary. That's why we go the extra mile to provide you with a living experience that suits you. Our furnished studio rentals are a testament to our commitment to quality, comfort, and convenience.

When you choose 806 Cozy Homes, you choose more than just a place to stay – embracing a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. Our offerings stand out as a superior alternative to Airbnb and corporate apartments. Our homes provide a welcoming and warm ambiance, offering you a sense of belonging that's hard to find elsewhere.

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